Make a website that
transforms your business

Mentoring and workshops for DIY websites
that make sense, make money, and make a difference.

“If you want help to create your website, but still want to be in the drivers seat and fully understand your website, then this program is for you.”

Emmy Petersson, The Bridge Coaching


Put your time and attention where they count.


Demystify the web with no-nonsense materials and one-on-one support.


Drive your business online with the tools and context that put you in charge.


Your business grows—visitors become customers, customers truly engage.


Extend your business wisdom online, always know where and when to push.


No more website stress, you’re free from the spot-fires, free to live better.


Ready for every challenge, pumped for every opportunity, stronger every click.

“I love teaching the gold that gets you beyond the quick fix. Let’s do it—step by step, one-to-one, and together.”

Ostii Ananda, Flowji Founder.

The flowji web liftoff program

Make a website that transforms your business

The one-to-one, self-paced mentoring program for DIY website planning and design.

  • Future-proof your business
  • Make the web make sense
  • Save money and time


You’re working on stuff that matters. Let’s make your website matter too.


You make a difference
with people.


Your business supports a better planet.


Your focus on health
improves lives.

We get where you’re coming from


Things are changing fast—you need the knowledge to respond.


Your brand is crucial—make it speak powerfully online.

Small businesses

Make every dollar count—your business growth depends on it.


Build your team capacity—and punch above your weight online.

“I love that I don’t need to contact a web designer in order to make changes to my website.”

Allison Miriani, LDM Global

Web Liftoff — Course Outline.

Designed to make sense of making a website.


  • What does success really mean to your business?
  • What transformation does your business most need?
  • How can a website create real and lasting value for your business?


  • What powerful content can you easily gather?
  • How do you make your customer the hero of your website?
  • What brand assets do you need to achieve what your goals?


  • Build your website to work on all devices—especially mobile.
  • Getting the ‘brand voice’ right—your online personality.
  • How do visitors become customers—the calls to action.


  • Testing, testing, testing—get truly ready for launch.
  • Promote and traffic Getting the ‘brand voice’ right—your online personality.
  • Measure, learn and update—how to get better all the time.


Online empowerment for a thriving business.


  • 5 x one-to-one sessions
  • Personalised mentoring
  • Self-paced schedule


  • Exclusive online learning portal
  • Curated instructional videos
  • Custom Flowji worksheets


  • WordPress install and setup
  • Lifetime Divi theme (valued $300)
  • WordPress plugins (valued $500+)

Three ways to pay…

One Time Payment

$2,450 $1950

3 Month Payment Plan 1

$860/month for 3 months

6 Month Payment Plan 2

$445/month for 6 months


  1. Three (3) payments of $860, totaling $2,580. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months.
  2. Six (6) payments of $445, totaling $2,670. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months.

* Web Hosting is not included and will incur an extra $100 for a year of hosting.

Your Questions Answered

Not sure of the sub heading…

What is the Web Liftoff Program?

The Web Liftoff is a step-by-step, 1:1 Mentoring Program designed to support you to build and manage an effective (and beautiful) website & web presence.

Your website will be well positioned to help your business thrive and grow, provided you put the work in (and we’ll teach you how to work smart).

Practically speaking, the Web Liftoff Program includes:

  • 1:1 mentoring and coaching (in person or via skype)
  • Our comprehensive online training program
  • Email support between coaching sessions
  • Facebook support group
  • The web technologies you need to craft and recraft your website
Who is the Web Liftoff Program for?

We work with heart-centred, small businesses, start-ups, social enterprise and not-for-profits who are working for a better world.

Some of our favourite clients are focused on supporting wellbeing: our hearts, the earth, and health. So are we.

Our clients include yoga teachers, health and wellness coaches, permaculture educators, nature connection facilitators and fitness trainers.

Will the Web Liftoff Program help me get more clients?

The Web Liftoff Program is specially designed to give you an understanding of where you website fits into your business marketing and promotion plan.

You’ll figure out how you’re going to get more clients, and how your website fits into this process. That means you’ll build a website that’s specifically designed to help you get more clients, as opposed to one that doesn’t even attract visitors or convert them to clients. 

Will I be getting good value for money?

We believe the Web Liftoff Program is exceptional value for money for anyone with a website budget around $3000.  

You will learn the skills to take control of and create your website yourself – you don’t end up reliant on others to update your website.

Your website will go live on the web, rich with quality content that is beautifully designed!

You learn how the web actually works, the vital importance of copy, and how to create messages that capture the attention of your audience and build their trust.

If you want a quality website that attracts more and more visitors who actually buy your products, chances are you will need to invest financially. An effective website cannot be done on the cheap, contrary to myths floating around the web[link to Lie 14?: A great website can be done on the cheap on our Website Lies blog article].

How long will it take to build my website?

Your website can be built in as little as 4 weeks. How long it takes depends on how much time and effort you invest. What is your commitment level?

Most of the content creation and image sourcing will be done by you between 1:1 Mentoring Sessions. Some people prefer to spread sessions out weekly, others prefer monthly. The average time people choose is about 3 months.

What is different about the Web Liftoff Program?
  1. The Web Liftoff Program empowers you to understand your website, inside and out. For instance, you’ll get to know the importance of content, and how to create great content that attracts more and more visitors.
  2. You’ll discover the focus of your website, and build around that.
  3. You’ll discover and refine the all important question of why you’re building your website. Without this guiding question helping you choose what to do and when, you’re simply spinning your wheels.
  4. You’ll be supported every step of the way, with personalised coaching that is tailored to your unique needs to create a quality website.
  5. We’ll teach you our special web-building process: Define Draft Craft Launch, followed by Redefine Redraft Recraft Relaunch. With this process under your belt, you’ll gradually be able to manage and update your website meaningfully on your own. You’ll be an independent web creator.

By contrast, many web programs either:


  1. Build your website for you, meaning you stay dependant on specialists to update (and you need to update regularly if you want to stay current, and grow your business). This also means you’ll need to pay a lot more money, probably both upfront and over time.
  2. Build your website with their own , where it’s not really tailored to the unique spirit of your business. It may look pretty, but there’s less chance it will be user-friendly for your users, and less chance again that it will deliver the kind of content that turns your audience on.
  3. [Something else? Ostii? I’m thinking of someone who knows next to nothing about doing a website … an ideal client for us, and how they don’t really know what other programs/developers will do as opposed to you. Let’s tell them, plus tell them why Flowji is better for their needs.]
Why should I get Flowji to help me build my website rather than someone else?

Good question. We’ll give you greater value for your money than most (if not all) comparable web-building services with the services we offer:

  • We personalise our coaching and training to your specific needs
  • We guide and encourage you every step of the way
  • You end up with a better website [link to an article by us on our tagline of building a better website?] – a beautiful, content-rich website that communicates your heart, and attracts your ideal visitors
  • We focus on content (the lifeblood of the web) by teaching you why it’s important, and how to do it well
  • We empower you take control of your website and create and recreate it yourself, rather than needing to constantly rely on others
  • We give you a deeper understanding of how your website fits into your overall business model and marketing program by taking real strategic steps
  • Our program is awesome value for those on a budget – a decent development agency will charge you $5000 or more
  • You’re creating a website that speaks to your audience and converts visits to sales – not just generating any old website that takes up space on the web (which is what most small businesses and first-timers end up doing)
  • You’ll gain the invaluable business knowledge you need to make wise web decisions that fit your overall business
  • You’ll launch a Minimum Lovable Website [link to an article by us on what this is] to the world, fully up and running, well positioned to build success upon success!
  • Overall, you’ll potentially save lots of time, money and headaches
Can I see examples of Web Liftoff successes?

Yes, click here [insert relevant link] to see our gallery of success stories. So far, we have helped over 50 people create their website dreams.

Is the Web Liftoff program suitable for people who don’t like computers or who are uncomfortable learning new technologies?

No – The Web Liftoff program requires you do most of the website creation yourself on your own computer.

It’s very hands-on. With our guidance and encouragement you will learn new things, play with technology, try things, break things (hey, it’s in the service of learning!), and learn from your mistakes. You’ll engage with interactive technologies and watch videos. Ideally it’s suited to people who love learning.
You don’t need to be a tech wiz though … see the next FAQ for more info: What level of technical skills do I need to have? 

What level of technical skills do I need to have?

You need to be comfortable using a computer, and learning new technologies. If you’ve used Microsoft Word or Excel and are comfy with learning new ways to use them, you’ll probably enjoy The Web Liftoff.

To summarise, the Web Liftoff suits enquiring minds, a sense of playfulness, and letting go of any fear around breaking things (hint: it’s one of the best ways to learn, and the world will not blow up).

What experience does the Flowji team have?

Flowji’s Director, [is this the right term?] Ostii Ananda, has 20 years of experience in the web world. He has built websites with budgets from 1000 to 1.5 million dollars. He’s worked with top digital agencies: Deep End, Oblique? Comme & co? [what are the correct names? And shall we link to these?]. Ostii is an experienced content creator and specialises in WordPress, with over 10 years of experience under his belt.

On top of these hard-skills, he has essential soft-skills around working with people. [can you say more about this please, Ostii? What soft-skills do you have that our clients might be looking for? Things like encouragement, patience, great teaching, wording things in ways clients can understand, an ability to get people excited about tech, a rich knowledge of a variety of tech solutions etc.]

Ostii will be your coach for most of your mentoring sessions, but may pair you with other Flowji experts as needed.

Will Flowji build my website for me?

No. The emphasis of this program is on you creating content, sourcing images, and building your webpages yourself. We’re all about teaching you the how, why, and what to do, so that you’re empowered to create and maintain your website.

If you want someone to build your website for you or create your content (see the next FAQ: Can Flowji write the content for my website?), you need to look elsewhere.

Flowji will support you through 1:1 Mentoring Sessions, emails, our comprehensive online training program, our facebook support group, and give you access and training in the web-building technologies you require.

We’ll closely and encouragingly assist you every step of the way, with a focus on teaching you to do it yourself. Throughout the program you’ll be doing the bulk of website creation. We’ll be guiding you, cheering you on, and providing course corrections.

In short, your website won’t happen if you don’t make it happen. You must do the work between the coaching sessions for your website to ‘liftoff’.

By taking responsibility, you will grow in capability and power. By stepping into your power, you are acting to make our world a better place! We are passionate about helping you step into your power.

Can Flowji write the content for my website?

No, we leave this to you. 

In our 20 years of experience building websites, we’ve found that content is the biggest barrier to people going live with their website. This is ironic since content is the heart and soul of a website.

Simply put, content must channel the heart of your message to be effective, in both theme and passion. Plus content must be of high quality to attract and build your audience.

In your first 1:1 Mentoring Session we’ll coach you on how to create relevant and quality content. We provide a number of exercises that can help you clarify your audience, and write effective content.

If you don’t enjoy writing or don’t consider yourself a writer, we recommend hiring a skilful (and heart-centred) copywriter. We can talk you through what to look for. [can we? I added this part. I’m thinking of your advice in the Website Lies article about how people need to work very closely with their copywriters so they can get across the passion and depth of their message]

Essentially we support you in learning to create your own content. 

Learn more about the common website myth that trips a lot of people up: Someone else can create your content for you. [Link to Lie 3? in the Website Lies blog article]

Can I create a website if I’m not clear on my business idea?

We suggest getting clear on your business idea before you start to create your website. However, Flowji can help you with this, if you’re feeling stuck.

Find out more about our mentoring services around business strategy. [add link] You’ll need these services before you begin the Web Liftoff Program with us. [is this sentence true?]

Can I create a website if I don’t have my branding and logo?

Yes, you can begin creating your website while you develop your logo and branding in the background (we start by focusing on content and layout).

If you need extra help, we can support you to develop your logo and branding. We recommend signing up for the Premium Web Liftoff Program [link to sales page. What do you reckon, Ostii? This was my idea] if this is the case, to give you enough development time.

What happens in the 1:1 Mentoring Sessions?

Your mentoring sessions are generally held in Brunswick Victoria, however they can be held at your offices in the wider Melbourne area, Daylesford, [is this accurate? I’m putting in geographical locations where I can, since I know they can help build local search traffic. I know that specific names of suburbs are also a great idea for picking up extra local traffic – if you think it’s worth it, we could even write this as ‘the wider Melbourne area (eg. Fitzroy, Carlton, Collingwood etc)’ and list in brackets some key suburbs where you have gotten clients in the past or feel most willing to travel to.] or via skype.

In your coaching sessions, we train, guide and encourage you as needed. We workshop ideas, provide exercises and worksheets, and reorient you if you go off track.

In general the sessions revolve around:

  • defining your project
  • defining design outcomes
  • defining your audience
  • crafting your message
  • crafting your content
  • creating your website
  • launching your website. Yay!

These coaching sessions get you started in every important step of an ongoing process that you will continue to follow for the lifetime of your website: Define Draft Craft Launch. This is followed by Redefining Redrafting Recrafting Relaunching.

In the 1:1 Mentoring Sessions, you’ll know exactly what to do for your web business, and when it needs to be done. This will help you go from success to success.

How long are the 1:1 Mentoring Sessions?

Each mentoring session is between 2-3 hours, usually closer to 2.

We get a lot of quality work done in that time, and position you where you need to be to take valuable steps on your own before our next coaching session.

The 6 x 2 hours one-to-one coaching is over the phone, in person or online?
The sessions are best done in person – usually at our Thornbury office – but can also be done via Skype.
How can I get the most out of the Web Liftoff program?

Get the most by imagining your website as a garden: you’re planting seeds and tending them. As your garden grows it naturally takes time, dedication and strategic thoughtfulness to bring it to life.

You put in that time and dedication between your 1:1 Mentoring Sessions, and then review and learn from your experience via coaching.

Investing quality time in building your website between the sessions is invaluable. You will only get out of this process what you put in. The responsibility is yours (as with all things you create in life).

What if I don’t have a domain name?

Not a problem. We will help you choose and register a domain name.

What about web hosting?

The program will step you through how to setup web hosting specific to WordPress websites. We recommend Psychram? because … [What’s a few reasons you recommend them, Ostii? And what’s the name of the web hoster, I couldn’t quite hear it. Link to them.]

What web platform does the Web Liftoff Program use?

Your website will be built using WordPress and the Divi theme (setup and installation of these is included in your package).

WordPress is one of the world’s easiest and most powerful Content Management Systems for websites and blogs. (Having said that, many people don’t find it all that easy … that’s where our personalised training comes in. See FAQ: I’ve used WordPress before and found it too difficult. Is this program right for me?

Divi theme is a highly customisable and powerful ‘drag and drop’ page builder. It makes it possible for almost anyone to create a beautiful website.

We’ll teach you the building blocks that many newbies struggle with, guiding you one step at a time with what you need to know next.

I’ve used WordPress before and found it too difficult. Is this program right for me?

We understand that WordPress can be daunting at first for those who haven’t used it. You’re not alone in having this experience.

We simplify the whole process. Ostii will teach you what you need to know to get started, and then teach you more as you gain confidence.

We’ll also teach you when and how to get experts to help you with any extra bits that you don’t need to know the details of.

On top of this training, we combine WordPress with Divi Theme which means your website will be drag and drop. You’ll have total control over how each page looks. Yes!

Will my website look good on a mobile phone?

You bet! We’ll teach you mobile-responsive design, and how to ensure your content looks good and works well on all devices.

We’ll also teach you how to make changes that are specific to either mobile or desktop view.

What plugins and themes are included?

Divi theme (lifetime membership), Formidable forms, Thrive Leads, Backup Buddy, iThemes Security plugin…Ostii will add in more later.

Is the service provided targeting web developers or web content developers or some other roles
Our service is primarily targeting web content developers (and maintainers). It is not targeted towards developers—although most developers could learn a lot about creating an audience-focused, benefit-driven, content-first website. Many developers are still wedded to their platform-focused, feature-driven, content-last approach.
The emphasis of the program is on you creating the bulk of the content with our support during the one-to-one sessions.
Is the service simply making a website more SEO or beyond that?

The process does not include any SEO outreach (contacting people to get them to link to your website) but does include ‘on-page’ SEO as you create the website. We also go through promotion strategies for launch – however, this is focussed more on people creating a first time website.

For WordPress powered website, what tools will be provided? Are these tools free if we pay $2,450?
The premium tools (all with lifetime updates) and services included in the $2,450 include:
  1. WordPress install (on a staging domain until the new site is ready to push live)
  2. Divi theme (value: $300)
  3. Backup Buddy plugin – for daily, weekly or monthly backups (value: $80 per year)
  4. iThemes Security plugin – to keep the site secure and safe from hackers (value: $80 per year)
  5. Thrive Leads plugin – for newsletter opt-ins (popups, slide-ins etc.) (value: $67 per year)
  6. Formidable Forms plugin – for contact and other forms (value: $49 per year)
  7. 6 months access to AHREFS SEO reports (value: $99 per month)
Depending on your requirements, you may need to purchase premium plugins for specific outcomes. I suggest allowing between $200 and $500 for this.
If you feel like you could do with a little extra support through the process, there are a couple of add-ons to the Web Liftoff.

Liftoff Boost

This includes 8 hours of extra (we do it for you) help from Chakra or one of the other Flowji team members. The hours can be used as two 4-hour blocks either in collaboration with you at Nest Coworking in Thornbury or done by our team remotely. It works better if you are present although this is not essential.

Best used somewhere between session 3 and session 6 of the Web Liftoff Program.

Think of it as a little push along, helping you get website and landing pages completed, forms built and confirmation emails sending and any little troubleshooting bits and pieces.

Investment = +$1,000


Liftoff Extra Boost

This includes two 4-hour sessions with me and Chakra and you, all working on the website together. Usually at Nest Coworking, sitting side by side, these are dive in and get stuff done sessions similar to the Liftoff Boost, but with two of us. The focus is on finishing.

Best used somewhere between session 3 and session 6 of the Web Liftoff Program.

Investment = +$2,250

What does the finished product look like?

Your website will never be finished. Trick question! Check out the common website myth: Your Website will one day be finished. [link to Lie 4? about this on Website Lies blog]

We aim to build a Minimum Lovable Website (MLW) [is there an article on this that we can link to on our website?] to launch to your audience, and start your business growing on a track that will lead to more successes.

With the tools we teach you, you’ll successfully build upon your website in the directions that your business is calling for. You’ll maximise its lovableness step-by-step at exactly the needed time.

Your Minimum Lovable Website could be anywhere from 1-5 pages, depending on how dedicated you are between mentoring sessions. We’ve had clients complete our program creating event sites, online shops, and everything in between.

Do I need to have a computer and internet access?

Yes, you will need a computer and internet access as the bulk of the creative work will be done by you between 1:1 Mentoring Sessions sessions.

Will my website be beautiful?

It will! We’ll teach you the design, styling and content elements that combine to make a website beautiful.

Mind you, your website won’t look the same as one designed by a multi-million dollar design agency … but it will be crisp, clean, reflect your heart, and boast an excellent user experience.

One caveat. Remember that you’ll need to put in the work to ensure your website’s beauty and performance blooms in our time together. See FAQ: Will Flowji build my website for me?

What is Flowji’s stance on the environment and social responsibility?

We are committed to sustainability and treading lightly on the earth. For example we recycle, fill and refill jars, use 100% post-consumer recycled paper [is this accurate? I learned at the EcoCentre this is the only recycled paper that is truly better for the environment], support socially aware companies such as buying our toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap, buy used rather than new where possible, and are investigating becoming a B Corp.

Social responsibility is important to us and we take ours seriously. We aim to balance the ‘triple bottom line’ of People, Planet, and Profit. Our business decisions keep in mind the long-term success of society and the environment.

Financial success that doesn’t take into account the needs of People and the Planet is empty, according to our value system.

“I love that I don’t need to contact a web designer in order to make changes to my website.”
Allison Miriani, LDM Global

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