KK Custom Form/CRM

The Custom Form/CRM plugin provides a single Builder module for use in Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder plugin that allows drag & drop construction of forms in the Elegant Themes collection of themes.

Form Field Requirements:
v0.1.1: The basic premise of Custom Form/CRM is, like many other contact forms, that a form will generally contain two important fields: name and email. Since there is no HTML name field type, a text field must be used. This module expects that this field will have a “Field Name” of name. The Label and Help text can be used to suggest to the form user that a full name is required or at least appreciated. You may use a second text field to capture a last name if need be, but that will not be captured in the Address Book in CRM. You may edit the Address Book, however, and modify the name entry.

From $20.00

Find out more about the KK Custom Form/CRM WordPress plugin here.

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